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  • Focus

    Landlord's with a handful of properties have many of the same issues as the large corporate property management firms. Sinks get clogged, the rent is late and you need to fill those vacancies ASAP.  Until now, effective tools have been lacking due to high costs, complication of features, and focus on large apartment complexes.  The Mobile Landlord is dead focused on large apartment complexes.  The Mobile Landlord is dead focused on the small property manager and your needs.

  • Simplicity

    The Mobile Landlord is not an accounting program.  It is not an advertising service.  We don't do everything in order to be great at what we do.  We are focused on the our landlords' most critical needs: screening tenants, managing leases, collecting rent, maintaining properties , coordinating repairs and ultimately, retaining tenants.

  • Mobility

    In this day and age, there is no excuse to be tied to your office desk.  Your tools should be available and effective on all of your devices.  We designed The Mobile Landlord to be productive on your phone, tablet or laptop and to be available anywhere, anytime.  We know our landlords are always on the move and we believe that your solution should move with you.


Simplify and organize the business of managing multiple rental properties

  • Tenants

    View everything about your tenants on one screen.  Communicate with them, manage their information and address their maintenance requests in a timely fashion.


  • Rentals and Buildings

    Track all details related to your rentals, inspect and maintain your buildings, manage your most valuable assets.

  • Deposits and Rents

    Collect, record and document security deposit transactions.  Know when rent is due and paid (or not) by all of your tenants.

  • Applications and Leases

    Provide electronic rental applications to prospective tenants and record their status through your process.  Retain electronic copies of your leases and manage key dates.

  • Landlord Dashboard

    Be proactive.  Keep tabs on everything happening in your rental property business.  Customizable reports, reminders and views.

  • Expenses

    Keep track of your costs and associate them with your buildings.  Export key information to be prepared for tax time.  Know your costs. Understand your cash flow.

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